The purpose of tax consulting offered by PP-net Ltd. is to minimize the tax burden and allow proper accounting of all tax obligations in terms of documentation, records and accounting of all tax titles. We provide instant access to current legal and tax information and the highest quality consulting services in the field of tax law.

The tax law is becoming more and more difficult and will impose yet more responsibilities and burdens on businesses. It is worth, therefore, to take advantage of tax advice to ensure the financial security of the company and protect against financial consequences in an event of tax disputes.

Tax consultancy can independently detect potential errors arising in the course of tax settlements.

We offer our clients the following:

  • tax consultancy, particularly in terms of income tax, VAT, local taxes and fees
  • tax planning (including international tax law – tax optimization)
  • preparation and verification of contracts for tax obligations
  • opinions and analyses on tax and economic law
  • preparing applications for individual interpretations for tax authorities and the Social Insurance Institution
  • handling disputes in tax matters, administrative enforcement and liabilities to Social Insurance Institution
  • tax tips

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